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Journeys of the Spirits

Knowledge for Preservation

Our mission:

Share with the public entertaining presentations to the significance of the native American, “Indian,” sacred sites and traditions. To help gain a deeper understanding and respect of these sites and ceremonies associated with this culture.

Our goals via this knowledge:

Public respect and conservation of rock art “petroglyphs.” Rock art is a highly valuable
heritage of humankind that we need to cherish and protect these great gifts left by our ancestors.

Knowledge is key to people’s understanding and respect to help manage these sacred and important sites. When people have a deeper understanding and knowledge of the significance and sacredness of these sites it helps for their conservation.

Graffiti and vandalism have taken a toll on some of these valuable heritage sites and when they are gone they are gone forever.

Help protect precious sacred sites.

Become a supporting Sacred Feather patron for Journeys of the Spirits.

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"When visiting these sites, come with respect and leave with respect.” – John Tarnesse

For decades the Journeys of the Spirits “JOTS” mission has been to share the sacred nature of the native Americans, “Indians.” To inform via well placed exhibits this information and knowledge to gain additional respect for the very nature of these sacred sites and ceremonies.

This mission was founded by Joseph M. Triscari and David Robison with the Indian knowledge of John Tarnesse over 30 years ago. It’s always been a labor of love to bring this awareness and valuable information to the public.

After a hiatus of a large scale exhibit for a number of years, the founders of JOTS recognize that today even more than years past it’s vital to continue to educate the public via an entertaining informative exhibit these important messages. With expanded awareness of the very nature of these sites and the ceremonies we help gather the protectors of this knowledge and experience.


We are looking for like minded individuals,
companies or organizations to help us with this endeavor to rebuild our exhibit in a cost effective media that can be transported and set up in many venue opportunities. The first book of JOTS has been completed and will be a part of each venue for sale to help offset expenses. Additional merchandise, i.e. prints, posters, shirts. music etc. will also be available as well to help fund the exhibit and its promotion.

Informative Exhibits


Since 1998 Journeys of the Spirits has been presented at numerous venues. Shared with hundreds of thousands of visitors at such destinations as the Aurora History Museum, Denver International Airport,
The Museum of Outdoor Art and the Smithsonian Museum,
as well as countless other shows
and presentations.


Help us protect these
sacred sites.

Our mission is to help these sacred treasured sites survive for future generations. We believe that one of the very best ways to do so is by educating the public about their significance.

We're asking you to become a patron to our mission.
As an individual patron Sacred Feather 
of $125.
Feathers represent ascension and spiritual strength.

Sacred Feather contributors will receive 2 JOTS books and recognition on our web site (if you desire)

Small company or organization patrons are Dream Catcher contributors of $750+. 

Dream catchers allows us to utilize filtering power of
our mind and brings our attention to the elaborate construction of our life.

Dream Catcher contributors will receive 5 JOTS books and recognition on our web site.


Corporate patrons are our Sun Dancer contributors for a contribution of $7.5k+ 
Sun Dance is a significant religious ritual among many Plains peoples and a very important religious ceremony.

Sun Dance contributors will receive logo on signage at exhibits and recognition on marketing pieces, plus 20 books and a framed recognition award.

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To become a Dream Catcher or Sun Dance contributor please contact EXHIBITS at

Additional Information

Our Mission:

Preservation of Sacred Sites

of the Spirits

Book & Exhibit


Past Exhibits: sharing the experience.


Aurora History Museum

Denver International Airport

Museum of Outdoor Art

Smithsonian Museum

and many others...

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Shop the JOTS store to help support our mission.

Thank you.

Working towards saving these sacred sites.

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